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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my setup was accepted or rejected?

You will receive an email once your submission has been reviewed with the decision. Please be patient as new submissions are not reviewed daily and in some cases, can take more than a week. If you think your setup was not received, please email us so we can check.

Why was my setup rejected?

Your setup can be rejected for numerous reasons but the email you receive should give you the specific reason. This ranges from bad photos, messy setup, very basic setup or missing information. You can re-submit as if it were a new submission once you’re ready.

Can I submit my setup again if I was already on the show?

Yes! Only if there are dramatic changes that would be worthy of a slot on another episode. Moving an item, adding a new lamp or anything minimal like that is not worth another submission. Please wait until you have made substantial changes.

Is there a way to skip the line?

Previously we offered the FastPass as a way to skip the line. At this time, we currently have nothing similar set up. There is a chance we will bring this back once we are re-established.

How do I update my submission with new photos?

Great question!  Re-submit like the first time but leave a note in the “Any more info?” section letting us know that you were already approved and are simply replacing that submission with this one.

Where do I watch my episode?

All episodes are recorded live on Twitch at 1pm ET. Once they have been edited, they are uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.